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Installing your Regal Privacy Panel or Picket fencing


Carefully stake out the entire fence line including position of all posts and any gates. Tie string tautly between each end of run to ensure line posts are installed straight. With Regal fencing, posts can be positioned to a maximum of 8’ on center or you may opt to lessen the post spacing to achieve equal spacing between posts for each run of fence. Please note that on slopes, the maximum drop between posts is 6” so post spacing may need to be adjusted accordingly. Once post spacing has been determined, dig holes to the required depth. Check with local building department to ensure holes are dug below frost line depth. Backfill each hole with 6” of gravel to allow for drainage. Pour concrete into hole to fill on level ground and to 6” below ground level on slopes to allow for “drop post” adjustment. Tap post mounting tubes 18” into the concrete ensuring that tubes are plumb. Allow concrete to fully set before installing posts.

Use Regal’s standard fence post for level ground applications. Slide the post over the post mounting tube until you achieve 72” from ground level to the top of the upper post brackets and ensuring the post is aligned properly, fasten the fence post to the mounting tube using self-tapping screws.

Use Regal’s Drop post for slopes. Slide the Drop posts over the mounting tubes with the pre-attached brackets of each post facing the high side of the slope. Beginning at the first Drop post at the top of the slope, position and fasten the post to the mounting tube so that the pre-attached brackets are level with the post up from it. Placing the bottom rail in the in the lower brackets of both posts and sitting a level on it is an easy way to complete this step. Once the drop post has been fastened at the proper height, install the second set of brackets with the top bracket at 72” from ground level and then the bottom bracket to achieve a 66 3/8” space between the brackets. Repeat these steps with each drop post working down the slope.

For surface mount fencing applications, use Regal’s base plate option. Slide the base plate inside the fence post and secure with self-tapping screws. Ensure suitable fasteners are used for the particular installation.

When posts have been installed, install the top and rails by cutting the rails based on the distance between the posts less ¼” to allow for the backing plates on the fence post brackets. Insert the rails into the brackets and fasten with screws. Drill drain holes in each bottom rail.

If installing picket fencing, begin against one post and snap one spacer each on the top and bottom rails. Now insert a picket by first pushing it down into the bottom rail until it locks into place and then swinging it up into the top rail until it locks in place. Ensure the machined grooves at the end of each picket are parallel to the top and bottom rails when installing. Tap it tight to the spacer. Repeat this process until there are 3 pickets left to install. Install last three pickets and then install remaining spacers. Cut the last spacer to fit, if necessary.

If installing Privacy panel fencing, go to the Install the fence panel boards step

If installing Lattice fencing, now install the lattice assembly. Remove one of the side trim pieces and cut the lattice to the required length. Slide side trim piece back on to lattice. Install Lattice into the top rail by inserting the top bar of the lattice assembly up into the top rail at a 45 degree angle and then rotate the lattice assembly into its proper position to lock it in place. Screw side trim pieces to posts to secure the lattice.

Install the fence panel boards. Beginning at one side of the fence section, install one board by inserting it up into the top rail or track of the lattice assembly and then down into the bottom rail. NOTE: THE FENCE BOARDS MUST ALWAYS BE INSERTED INTO THE TOP FIRST! Once first board is installed, fasten it to the post by screwing through the side flange of the board into the post as shown. Install remainder of boards with each board facing opposite and over-lapping the previous board. Pull each board tight against the previous board to interlock the side flanges. Once the second last board in the section has been installed, put a screw through the top and bottom rails into this board to ensure all boards remain interlocked. Install last fence board in section and fasten to post, same as the first board. Install optional Fence Trim Inserts, if desired. Repeat these steps for each section.

Fence Gates are designed to fit a maximum 48” wide opening. Detailed assembly instructions are included with each gate package.

Universal angle brackets can be used if fence layout requires custom angles. Mount round backing plate for the top bracket set 1.25” down from lower lip of the post cap. Mount round backing plate for the bottom bracket set with a distance of 66.25” between the underside of the top backing plate and the upper side of the bottom backing plate. Install top and bottom brackets at the desired angle. Top and bottom rails can now be installed.

Install decorative pickets by following the installing picket fencing step and replacing standard pickets with the decorative pickets. Decorative circles are installed by replacing the top spacers of the picket fence with the decorative circles. Decorative post caps are installed by simply removing the standard post cap and snapping in the decorative post cap.

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