Regal Ideas


Question 1:

What are the advantages of using QUICKSTEP stair stringers?


They are made of aluminum; Quickstep’s Stair Stringers will not rot like wood or rust like steel – the powder coated finish means they will look as good as the day they were installed for years! The prefinished attractive design gives Quick Steps a distinct advantage over the competition.

Question 2:

What colors are available?


Yard Bronze, White & Black in a textured matte finish.

Question 3:

What sizes are available?


They are sold in pairs in sizes from one step to 9 steps.

Question 4:

What is the rise & run of the stringers?


The rise of each step is 7.5” and the run is 10.5”.

Question 5:

What is the allowable span between stringers?


Stringers can be spaced up to 36” apart and treads can overhang up to 6” on either side.

Question 6:

Are fasteners included?


Fasteners are not included with the stringers. Check with your local building dept. for suitable fasteners for your area and application. Generally, a minimum of 3/8” x 2.5” lag will be required to attach the stringers to the structure and ¼” x 2” carriage bolts to attach the treads to the stringers.

Question 7:

Does Quick Step stringers meet building code.


Yes, Quick Step stringers are engineered to exceed international building code requirements for residential applications. Test reports can be obtained by contacting a Regal customer service representative.